All programs are offered free of charge,
but pre-registration is required.

Dr. Seuss’s Birthday!
Come help us celebrate the birthday of this famous author with stories, games, prizes and, of course, birthday cake!

Preschoolers and their parents welcome! Come hear a story, do a craft, and have a snack Friday, March 15th at 10:30 am.


Past Events

Chef Ming showed us how to make professional egg rolls at home on September 10. We rolled them, he cooked them, and then we ate them!


We created and scented our own homemade beauty products with the Dancing Crane company on Saturday, August 4.


Bob Walls performed Beauty and the Beast with his marionettes at the Stevens Puppets program on July 25.


Kids (and adults) were able to see, learn about, and even touch a variety of exotic animals at our Exotic Zoo program, held July 9th.


We saw some amazing tricks with bubbles, and learned how to make them with The Bubbleman on June 27th.


The storytime crew rocks out on their guitars.